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Today’s new wave of hacking… what to do?

hackedWe follow some no-nonsense guidelines to reduce or eliminate creating environments that are suitable for hackers:

  • Do not use CMS programs when not absolutely necessary. Develop site pages using HTML pages.
  • Stay away from php and Mysql when possible. A program we use on many of our accounts is Aestiva Array. Aestiva Array does not use PHP, ASP or MySql and is therefore not subjected to hacker’s assaults! We have used it for the last 12 years or so and it has proven itself to be the most stable development platform we have seen.
  • Do not store anything of value to the hackers on servers accessible to the internet. No email lists and certainly no information such as social security numbers or credit card numbers.
  • When using CMS programs do everything possible to tighten up the security (see http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/keeping-wordpress-secure-the-ultimate-guide/ ) and keep pluggins to the minimum.Note: We like to create our customers main site in HTML and link to blog pages, document centers and other functional site pages done in CMS programs. That way the bulk of the site is in HTML which is not friendly to hackers and we can stay after maintenance and updating the CMS portions without shutting down the site.

Two important thoughts to remember:

  • Hackers will move on to easier targets… so be tough to hack and they will move on.
  • Hackers are looking for information that they can sell… so don’t dangle anything in front of them to make yourself a target!
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