A well planned social media campaign is one of the best methods of heightening your exposure on the Internet and driving traffic to your Internet site. Every social media outlet serves a different age group and demographic. Plus depending on what you sell different social media platforms are more conducive to promoting your product or service. AP ltd. will help you pick the right social media and develop a social engagement plan that will create the desired perception across social media and drive traffic to your site.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have a strong hold on the social media world in terms of sheer numbers of users although, unlike the big three, the demographics for Snapchat, with 71% of their users under age 35, is perfect for some products. In addition to picking the right social media for your demographic, AP ltd. also looks at the presentation of your product. If your product has visual appeal part of your social engagement campaign will include Pinterest. Snapchat, because of its mobile-specific nature and that snaps are permanently deleted after a short period of time, makes this media perfect for other social engagement campaigns.

The integration of your social media and your Internet site is extremely important. We believe in an integrated approach to all online activities to dramatically increase the effectiveness of every entity in your online program. Facebook contests can not only generate Likes for your page, but can also be used to grow your e-newsletter database. For one of our customers, we post articles from their e-newsletter on their Pinterest site and in a search engine optimized database on their site. This tactic expands the use of their content, pushes them higher in the search engines and drives traffic to their site from Pinterest.

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