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A noninvasive Facebook Likes technique + Google analytics tracking.

facebook_googleHave you been looking for a way to gather Facebook Likes on your site without abusing viewers? We finally found a technique we’re comfortable with.

Using a modal windows builder we added a popup window that displays a Facebook Like plugin but then… we timed the window not to show up unless the user has stayed on the page for 30+ seconds and programmed the modal window not to reopen on the same user until they have closed the browser and reopened it.

This results in the viewer only seeing the window one time throughout the entire site and only after they express an interest in a product by staying on the page for an extended period of time.

Then to address a common marketing concern “How many likes is this action contributing to my Facebook Likes?” we found that with some relatively tricky programming we could track these Facebook Likes in Google anaylitcs… awesome!

See this in action at http://www.jelmar.com/CLRbasic.htm.

P.S.  Don’t forget to wait 30+ seconds for the window to open.

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