1. Jelmar’s new site provides a fresh, new look for this cleaning products manufacturer. The site features cleaning tips, recipes, their commercials and historical commercials that date back to the 1960s. Content for the site is updated monthly through their e-newsletter, Great Tips. The site’s product pages and FAQ are heavily used as a resource for cleaning information by site visitors. When the question is too specific for general information, an Ask the Expert form is available. These questions are answered immediately and the information is then used to expand the site’s cleaning information. A dealer only section on the site provides the dealers with product information, presentation materials and updates on their incentive programs. Since the launch of the site, traffic has continually increased. When we launched the site in January of 2007, Jelmar was averaging 3 to 4 visitors a day. Today the site, during peak advertising periods, is getting approximately 6,000 visitors a day.

2. As part of a public relations program, we developed a new microsite for our client, Jelmar, called CLR Chore Wars. The site is dedicated to solving the chore wars that husbands and wives, roommates and parents with their siblings encounter while trying to keep their homes clean. The site allows visitors to take a fun survey as well as chat about their own personal chore wars. They can also see the results of a national study on couples and their perception on who does the most cleaning around the house as well as read an expert’s opinion on how to avoid Chore Wars.

Once the site was active, an online public relations program was launched which garnered heavy exposure including video on 1,100 PBS Internet sites. Within days of the PBS videos, Jelmar’s cleaning expert was featured on the Today Show. As a result, the site had over 19,000 visitors during the week after the publicity hit.

3. Our client, General Packaging, is extremely successful in a number of markets. Our assignment was to develop a site that highlighted their strengths and positioned them as the player in the industry.

To achieve this goal, we showcased the quality of their products by showing them in the retail world and by tying them in with happy consumers. We also developed a rotating banner for the home page that shows consumers happily using products from their various product lines.

The site features a Customer Documentation Center that allows General Packaging to work more closely with their customers.

4. Birdies Fore Brianna was started four years ago and has now raised over $80,000.00 in the fight against Mitochondrial disorders.

This year AP ltd. helped them by developing a site for their golf outing and silent auction. The online registration helped them sell out the outing for the first time in their four year history.

5. Santa’s Best, a long standing company in the Christmas decorations market, wanted to launch a new Internet site that featured their new product line.

The challenge is that the new line would not be out until the beginning of 2012 and we needed to have a site up and running for the 2011 Holiday season.

The site we developed showed pieces from their various product lines that would not change from year to year. We also developed the site to easily add the new product line once it became available.

6. The Jacobson Golf Course Design site creates a brand image as “the” company to come to for upscale course design. Course designers are chosen to compete for projects by review of their marketing materials and especially their Internet sites.

To put Jacobson in a position where they could succeed, we created an integrated promotional campaign that featured Rick Jacobson who is the firm’s owner, lead designer and an Arnold Palmer trained designer. A video Flash presentation that pans across a number of the premier holes on Jacobson’s golf courses with Rick’s voice describing their services and philosophies as a voice-over is featured on the home page and as an opening on a DVD presentation.

To further position the company, a new logo was created and integrated into the Internet site and DVD as well as their support materials and space advertising campaign.

7. Christmas USA wanted to launch an e-commerce site selling commercial Christmas lights in a very competitive market.

Their competition included a number of key players and a large number of companies that bridge the gap between commercial and consumer Christmas lights. They were also introducing a relatively new product to the market in LED Christmas lights.

After analysis of competitive web sites, we developed a design that positioned them as a leader in the market and utilized the logo from a previous e–commerce site we developed for them over ten years ago to highlight the longevity of the company.

8. International Appraisal is a mid-sized player in the financial industry competing against the giants of their industry. One of the key offerings of the larger companies is customer extranets. These extranets house the details of customer properties and the status of their property tax issues as well as a history of past properties. Many times each client will have numerous properties and tax issues going on simultaneously in need of constant updating.

The system we worked with them to develop has been very well received since its launch. Their system allows…

  • Thirteen account executives around the country to enter details for their properties from a web based interface
  • Customers to view the status of any of their current properties and project history
  • A custom configuration of thirty five database fields allows the account executive to enter all the data that is relevant to their customer

9. The Ravine Way Surgery Center site is an unique collaboration between the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute and Evanston Northwestern Healthcare highlighting their expertise in outpatient surgeries.

The site shows the professionalism of the operation as well as the convenience of the location. A short video tour of the facility was developed for the site to show that the facility features all of the same capabilities as larger institutions. To further instill the professionalism, all of the physicians that use the facility are highlighted and their credentials displayed.

A patient education section of the site also shows their competence through detailed animations of many of the procedures that are performed at Ravine Way.


10. Since our budget was limited, we concentrated our efforts on one site…Yahoo. After we arranged for the Christmas USA listing on Yahoo, we bought the entire available inventory in their listed category. We also bought the keywords specific to their products and created banner ads for each product.

Christmas USA enjoyed overall click through rates of between 4% and 5% throughout the program. The “Christmas decorations” keyword/banner combination was the most successful with a peak click through rate of 14%. Plus, Christmas USA also received additional traffic from their category listing as a residual effect of the advertising and built brand equity with their visibility on Yahoo.

11. The program we developed for Motorola utilized direct email as well as both CPC (cost per click) and demographic/geographic targeted banner advertising. The campaign realized a 10% click through rate from the email program, brought 7,000 individuals to the site and experienced an excellent cost per visitor ratio.

12. Greeley and Hansen is a large nationwide environmental engineering firm competing with even larger international companies.

Greeley and Hansen believes that the key to ongoing success and future growth is to provide an outstanding workplace environment that sets them apart as a true employer of choice.

With that concept in mind we have created a site dedicated to attracting the top talent from all over the world.