Building a great Internet site for your company is only part of what you need to have a significant Internet presence. Once your site is built, you need traffic. One of the most effective ways we have found to generate traffic and repeat visitors is an e-newsletter.

We recently launched a new site for one of our customers and developed a newsletter program to help draw more traffic to the site. At the time the client only had around 500 names they could use for the newsletter so we kick started their subscriber list with a CPA (Cost per Action) deal that grew their list to 40,000 individuals. To continue growing the list, we developed a CPC (Cost per Click) program with Yahoo, Google and Bing. We used a drawing for a basket of the client’s products to entice those that clicked through to the site to sign up for the newsletter.

The focus of the e-newsletter is on the different uses for our client’s product. We write the newsletter first person using a male and a female, mid-30s cleaning expert as the authors. To add some spice to the newsletter we added a recipe to each issue. The stats from our in-house mailing program have shown us that the recipe contributes significantly to the Open Rate of the newsletter.

Today the focus of all of their online advertising is to drive traffic to the site and generate new subscribers for the newsletter. The newsletter is then used to create return visitors to the site and new subscribers through the Tell a Friend option in the newsletter.

Since the launch of the site, traffic has continually increased. When we launched the site in January of 2007, the client was averaging 3 to 4 visitors a day. Today the site, during peak advertising periods, is getting approximately 6,000 visitors a day.