convertWe can help you make the most of your Internet site traffic with our campaign management tools. We take advantage of a number of applications to help you convert your visitors to prospects and then to customers. Taking into consideration your product or service and the size of your sales force, we will plan a strategy that will work best for you.

We always start with Google Analytics. It gives you a complete understanding of the way traffic is maneuvering the content of your site. From there, depending on your marketing goals we will step up to one of our other programs.

For companies with unique business prospects as well as limited sales and staff resources, we will add Leadin. This program will track site visitors and report, as prospects, any visitors submitting your existing forms or forms created in Leadin. These prospect submissions can be directed to the appropriate company personnel. By looking up the prospects in Leadin, you can get a history of site pages they have visited. Other valuable prospect information is reported including insights on their company.

For companies with larger pools of prospects and significant sales lead needs, we will implement Wishpond. It adds to Leadin’s capabilities campaign management and email drip programs that not only convert visitors to prospects, but stay with the prospects to nurture them into a customer.

For even more comprehensive campaign management and prospect conversion, we will step up to Pardot. Pardot creates campaigns designed to nurture prospects into customers keeping you apprised of your campaign ROI and your sales force informed so they can step in at the right time to complete the sale.

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