Your Internet site should be your most effective customer nurturing tool. A quality Internet site that convincingly explains your product or service is the first step. Any individual who visits your site is a potential customer so once you have interested them in your company, you need to start the sales process and lead them down the path to a sale. Once they are a customer, your Internet site needs to help you keep them as a customer.

Since 1978 AP ltd. has been creating promotional pieces that maintain our customer’s image while achieving their promotional goals. In 1994, AP ltd. was one of the first companies to bring both in-house marketing and technological expertise to Internet site development. Our years of creative prowess coupled with our technology background has helped us create effective Internet sites for our customers. Over the years we have been working on the Internet, AP ltd. has stayed abreast of all the latest online promotional techniques. Today you can rely on us for search engine optimization, online and cost per click advertising, social media as well as online or traditional public relations to help you drive prospective customers to your site.

At AP ltd. we have a number of different marketing automation tools in a number of different price ranges that will help you better understand the needs of your prospect and create a step by step program to convert them into a customer. Our simplest program will track site visitors and report, as prospects, any visitors submitting your forms. More advanced programs will nurture, engage and connect your leads using a marketing automation platform with a series of personalized emails over time, based on their unique activity and personal details.

AP ltd. believes your Internet site should be a business as well as promotional tool. Rep centers will allow you to maximize your sales efforts. Extranets give you the opportunity to work closely with your clients. Through custom applications, content management systems or apps, we’ll work with you and develop online applications that will help you use the Internet as a business tool.