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What goes into a great web site

American Express ran a great article on web site design in Open Forum. They talk about setting goals for your web site and focusing the content towards those goals. They also talk about keeping the content fresh for the search engines. You should also keep your content fresh for your site visitors. Why would anyone come back to a site… Continue reading

Internet site design for small business

American Express ran a great article on their Open Forum web site on the importance of good design for small business web sites. The design hints that they used in the article apply to large companies as well as smaller ones. It’s well worth the read at…


Google adds page display speed as a factor in SEO

Google recently added page loading speed as one of several hundred determining factors in ranking your pages. There are a number of things you can do to increase your page loading speed including:

1. Use CSS style sheets to avoid redundant unnecessary page content loading.

2. Master the skills to reduce photo sizes (we use Fireworks).

3. Plan to reuse… Continue reading

Aestiva Array eliminates ftp hacker issue

Once again Aestiva Array prevented an otherwise difficult technical issue.

One of our hosting server groups had planned FTP server upgrades but before they executed them hackers began attacks on the FTP servers! They were forced to shut down the FTP servers. They then installed and tested the servers before putting them back online. The machines were offline for 5… Continue reading