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“Tis the season” at Santa’s Best!

One of our newest sites is for a supplier of LED Christmas lights, pre-lit Christmas trees and Halloween merchandise, Santa’s Best. Our goal with this site was to instruct visitors on the benefits of LED technology and infuse the beauty of LED lighting into the site to showcase it for retailers looking to add LED holiday lighting merchandise to… Continue reading

Analyzing your advertising with Google Analytics

We just completed a report for one of our clients on their site traffic using Google Analytics.  The report measured conversions for their newsletter program.  We studied their organic traffic, social media, CPC program, television commercials and their video advertising program.  The data we received painted a pretty clear picture of where their conversions were coming from.… Continue reading

Pinterest generates more traffic than Facebook/Twitter

“First as you’ll see in the report I will be sending you, Pinterest is the leading social media site for site traffic generation on Jelmar.com.”… said Bill Pohlman AP ltd.’s president.

Pinterest has become a mainstay traffic generator for many of our accounts. It lends itself to product/solution oriented  accounts like Jelmar and SantasBest and has the capability of… Continue reading