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Don’t forget CPC advertising

When you conduct a research study make sure you get the most value you can with your target audience by promoting the study using every promotional tool at your disposal.  Get the study on your web site, optimize the page and promote it with PR as well as social media.  When you are planning the program, don’t forget… Continue reading

Today’s new wave of hacking… what to do?

We follow some no-nonsense guidelines to reduce or eliminate creating environments that are suitable for hackers:

  • Do not use CMS programs when not absolutely necessary. Develop site pages using HTML pages.
  • Stay away from php and Mysql when possible. A program we use on many of our accounts is Aestiva Array. Aestiva Array does not use PHP, ASP or MySql… Continue reading

Flash still completely blows away what CSS sliders can do but what about non-Flash equipped devices?

Being truly interactive Flash can do things sliders can’t but with the addition of phones and tablets a significant amount of traffic cannot view Flash.  There are new CSS development tools that allow for very interactive presentations and will show on anything running JavaScript and good luck getting anywhere on the internet with JavaScript turned off. But still some… Continue reading

Just finished – “Creating and Maintaining Your Brand Image”

We just finished our presentation “Creating and Maintaining Your Brand Image” that we will be presenting at the Housewares Show in Chicago.

With over 30 years of experience helping companies just like yours build their brand image there’s lots of valuable insights, statistics and proven results that we’ve built into this presentation.  If you are going to the Housewares… Continue reading