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Mobile Friendly and B2B

The time has come for even companies that sell commodities in the industrial marketplace to have Internet sites that are phone friendly. We just finished a site for Paltech Enterprises  that sources pallets and crates. We created a phone friendly site in WordPress highlighting his seven Midwest locations, the automation behind his refurbishing of pallets and to help his… Continue reading

Creativity and Branding in WordPress

Have you ever noticed how similar Internet sites look these days?  With the advent of WordPress and other content management systems (CMS) as well as the use of templates, every site now features a home page with a series of random revolving photos at the top of the page with generic corporate copy underneath the photos.  The importance… Continue reading

Our latest B2B site is for Pearson Industries…

Our latest B2B site is for Pearson Industries  a manufacturer of industrial fans as well as a revolutionary new type of purging agent for extruders and injection molders. Since the fans are engineered for specific uses and industries, we chose to highlight their uses pictorially as well as provide all the specs, accessories and set up instructions so that… Continue reading

Google penalties can cost you 75% of your organic mobile traffic.

Google has seen the growth of mobile Internet usage over the last two years and has reacted to the change with heavy penalties for non-mobile friendly Internet sites. If you have ignored Google’s April 21st algorithm change, it’s just a matter of time before you see a huge loss in your site traffic.

Why do you have to be concerned… Continue reading

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