At AP ltd., over the years, we have expanded the scope of our services to be able to offer our clients the latest tried and true promotional vehicles available. Today, we offer our clients, on an as needed basis, everything from traditional print materials to online apps all with the attention to detail and service that you would want in a promotional partner.At AP ltd. we opened our doors in 1978 as a service and print oriented advertising firm. During the mid-80s, multimedia evolved as an important marketing tool and AP ltd., in addition to our print capabilities, became a leading multimedia developer. In 1994, AP ltd. using our background in multimedia added Internet development to our expanding services. Since that time, AP ltd. has become a strong advocate of the integration of online and traditional promotional efforts. Today, as a brand image design firm, AP ltd. still focuses on maintaining a cohesive brand image across all online and traditional promotional efforts.

One of the strongest promotional vehicles available to you is your Internet site.To get a top-notch site, you need a company with marketing and technology at their fingertips. Marketing makes your site stand out from your competition and helps turn prospects into clients. Technology allows you to work more closely with your customers making you indispensible to their business. With AP ltd. you get the best of both worlds. Our 30 years of marketing and 17 years of Internet background will help you create a truly great web site.As with most brand image design firms, we are continually asked about awards. Our most treasured award comes in the form of a happy client after a successful promotional campaign. Over the years, though, those successful promotional campaigns have led us to a number of awards. We have won readership awards for ad response in traditional space advertising campaigns as well as for online advertising. We have won awards in all forms of multimedia for presentations developed for laptop, CD, disk and online. Online, our Internet sites have won us recognition across a broad variety of markets from insurance to publishing and engineering in a number of price ranges. At AP ltd. we have happy clients and the awards to show why they are so happy.