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Creativity and Branding in WordPress

cookie_cutterHave you ever noticed how similar Internet sites look these days?  With the advent of WordPress and other content management systems (CMS) as well as the use of templates, every site now features a home page with a series of random revolving photos at the top of the page with generic corporate copy underneath the photos.  The importance of creating a brand has diminished as these CMS sites have taken over the Internet.


Companies have forgotten that establishing a look and an identity for their company is the first step in creating an effective web site.  When developing a web site, we sit down with the client and help them determine what makes them different from their competition.  We incorporate that difference or brand into the design of their site in a way that highlights the strengths of their company and positions them as being a superior company to their competition.


With the use of a CMS system and a template, even the most technologically challenged of individuals can launch their own web site.  The issue, though, without altering the template the site is going to look like everyone else who is using the same or similar template.  Companies like AP ltd. can take a template and modify the design to suit your company.  Your site will stand out from the crowd, attract prospects and entice them to learn more about your product so that they buy from you.


Proponents of WordPress point to the CMS’s ability to simplify making a site mobile friendly in Google’s eyes.  While the system does help make a site mobile friendly, developers do need to be knowledgeable of Google’s mobile rules to fine tune the site.  We use Google Analytics as well as responsive design along with WordPress in making the site completely mobile friendly.  As important from a creative standpoint, we design the site so that the site does not loose its creativity and functionality once the site is reduced down for use on a phone.


At AP ltd. our focus has always been in creating Internet sites that “stand out from the crowd” from our client’s competitors and focus on the client’s brand.  If our clients want to take advantage of WordPress so that they can manage their own site, we will develop the site with a creative and a brand that will sell their product and then turn the keys over to them to manage the site.  They get the best of both worlds.  A branded, creative site that they can manage themselves.

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