Bringing out the best in people, every step of the way.

The Mentor Group Inc., located just outside of Chicago, Illinois, works with organizations throughout all stages of the talent management cycle-from bringing new people on-board to helping develop the potential of existing employees to assisting individuals in the transition to a new career or retirement.

We move people to where they want and need to be-within their careers, within their organization and even within themselves. We provide highly personalized services to individuals and organizations that build the skills, attitudes, motivation and confidence people need to move forward in changing environments.

The Mentor Group creates value for organizations by linking customized solutions to specific business objectives. In this sense, working with our consultants is win/win for both employer and employee. Whether helping a new leader to prepare for a new role, employing the Hi-Impact Mentoring® process to advance an employee's development or assisting a professional in the midst of a career transition, the Mentor Group is with you at every critical juncture.

As part of Lincolnshire International, we are able to offer our talent management products and services to organizations and professionals throughout the world.

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